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The Opportunity

Europe to India Opportunity

India is a fast growing economy with large opportunities for European companies to provide technologies, expertise and innovative products and services to meet a wide range of needs, including the provision of new infrastructure, products and services for the rapidly growing urban populations, and the delivery of solutions for the large rural population. 

AcceleratorIndia’s experience of helping innovative European companies to enter the Indian market has shown that the classical model for taking innovations from advanced economies to emerging markets doesn’t work well: the classical model only works for ‘symmetrical’ market dynamics, typically restricted to high-value products and services. Most other products and services require significant innovation in market channels and business models.

India to Europe Opportunity

Over the last decade, Indian companies in the IT sector have built significant revenues in European and North American markets based largely on cost arbitrage. Newer lower cost economies in Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Africa are now beginning to compete against some of these Indian players. However, Indian companies have been developing deeper technology expertise and more innovative business models, which now enables them to compete in European markets.

This is particularly true where new eco-systems are emerging in global markets, for example in digital media, bio-pharma and the Internet of Things. These opportunities include the delivery of new products and services and business models. There are also growing opportunities for Indian companies to partners with or acquire new technologies, products and services, and businesses across a wide range of market sectors.

Last updated: 23 Mar 2015