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Medium Size Companies

Typically, many fast-growing medium size companies turn to AcceleratorIndia in order to create significant new revenues in the Indian market, tapping into the high-growth segments of the Indian market, which have double-digit growth compared to near zero growth in the more mature markets. These companies often need practical guidance in re-shaping products and services for the Indian market and adopting more business models more appropriate to the local market. AcceleratorIndia also provides practical support in identifying the right partners and customers and helping to curate these dialogues.

Case Study : UK-based Wireless Solution Provider


Sell Wireless communications for utility metering and lighting in Indian market
Timeline: 2011 - 2013

AcceleratorIndia Value Add: Developed Market Entry strategy and positioning of the solution
Identified and helped establish dialogues with 3 of the top-5 Indian IT companies 
Assisted in packaging the proposition, pricing and commercial model development
Helped establish strong relationships with Indian power utilities
Supported the signing of strategic partnership agreement with an Indian IT major
Supported the signing of strategic partnership agreement with major Indian meter manufacturer
Helped access and engage with key government and policy research and standards organisations


Client signed partnership deals with a major IT services company and meter manufacturer.

Demonstrated successful pilots as precondition to supply wireless enabled meters to a number of state and private utilities.

Won an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) order from one of India's top private utilities.

Last updated: 01 Jul 2014