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AcceleratorIndia provides a range of insight, synthesis and execution services to support the building of technology-intensive businesses in the ‘corridor’ between India and Europe. These services are based on services developed and delivered by Cartezia in the European and North American markets over the last twenty years. AcceleratorIndia's strategic partnership with Cartezia provides unique access to tools, techniques, and expertise honed in the UK's Cambridge eco-system, particularly over the last decade. The partnership also gives us access to eco-systems, networks and relationships built by Cartezia in European and North American markets. These services are summarised below.

  • Catalyzt: This service is designed to support eco-system analysis and opportunity identification: it enables the Framing of an opportunity within an eco-system, the development of appropriate Value Chains and a structured appreciation of Positioning, Competition and Differentiation.
  • Accelerate: This is a service based on ‘Closed’  Idea, Portfolio and Eco-system development, where new ideas can be worked through in private, secure, curated environments, with a strong focus on understanding the main product or service components.
  • Riffstream#s: These are ‘Curated High-energy Open’ environments, where corporates, sme’s, entrepreneurs, investors and policy-makers can interact to exercise conceptual ideas and understand evolving eco-systems, and build new relationships.
  • Markets, Customers & Targeting: Market Intelligence: We help our clients to understand customer segmentation & profiling and develop appropriate techno-commercial strategies.
  • Product & Service Design: We work actively with our clients to shape and manage product & service portfolios; We have deep experience in the design of innovative new products and services.
  • Channels & Business Models: We support our clients to design distribution channels, and to develop partners and alliances; We have expertise and tools to support the development of sustainable business models & scaling tactics.
  • Funding, Management & ‘Orchestration’: We use our wide network of contacts and relationships to Identify and develop funding sources, to ‘design’ leadership, management and execution teams and ‘orchestrating’ the actual delivery of new products, services and sometimes, complete businesses.
  • Product & Service Creation and Packaging: We can work closely with our clients on detailed product design, packaging and pricing; we can also manage product and service build and roll-out, including seconding staff to our clients.
  • Go to Market: We work closely with our clients to develop distribution channels, including alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and franchises.
Last updated: 11 Apr 2015