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Our focus sectors reflect the expertise and experience of our core team, our associates, and the international ecosystem in which we operate. We are active in the following industry sectors:

Aerospace, Automotive and Oil & Gas

The Advanced Engineering sector in India continues to grow steadily despite market turbulence, the competition for resources and continuing problems with national infrastructure. In particular, the automotive, aerospace and oil and gas sectors are now significant players globally.

We work across many areas of this sector, ranging from design, manufacturing, and materials to distribution, including virtual prototyping of new products in the automotive, aerospace sectors. More...

Energy and Lighting

In the Indian energy sector, the urgent need to improve the distribution and develop new renewable generation capacity to reduce coal and petroleum imports has resulted in the promotion of smart grid technologies and rapid diversification into renewables. Lighting is identified as a key area to achieve energy conservation and demand management and to create a thriving electronics manufacturing industry around LEDs.

With a supportive policy regime from the federal and state governments and serious interest from commercial players, Energy and Lighting is shaping up to be a key growth sector in India. Our experience in this sector ranges from cleaner power generation, hybrid engine technologies, energy management solutions, smart grids and energy efficient lighting focusing on LEDs, from manufacture to deployment. More...

Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech

The Indian Healthcare and Pharma and Biotech sector is undergoing dramatic change. In urban areas, healthcare delivery is being transformed rapidly by the emergence of multi-tiered health service providers, ranging from the big hospital groups to smaller specialist providers of general and specialist healthcare. In rural areas central and state government initiatives such as the National Rural Health Mission are transforming the delivery of healthcare services. In bio-pharma, innovations are impacting new treatments, medical devices and new interventions.

In this sector, our thrust is in sensors, diagnostics and innovative low-cost devices, healthcare systems and services and regenerative medicine. We work across many aspects of this sector ranging from advanced sensor technologies, new devices for patient care and creation of new products and services in healthcare using technological advances. More...

Media, Computing & Telecoms

The ICT sector in India has historically focused on delivering services into international markets, in particular into North America. While this will no doubt continue, we are more interested here in focusing on the development of Indian markets, enabled by new technologies, products and services. In the Telecom space our focus is on new infrastructures such as 4G networks and new value-added services aimed at improving the yield of network operators and service providers, which are some of the lowest in the world. In media, we are interested in the development of new cross-platform services, new forms of content, payment systems and business models, including the importance of advertising. More...

Government, Regional Agencies & Academic Institutions

Economic and demographic changes will transform the Indian education system over the next decade. By 2020, India will be the world’s third largest economy, with a correspondingly rapid growth in the size of its middle classes. Over 50% of India’s population is currently under 25 years old; by 2020 India will outpace China as the country with the largest tertiary-age population. This change will affect all segments of the market, including primary, secondary, and tertiary and vocational training and education, creating huge opportunities in this sector. More...

Last updated: 20 Mar 2015