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The challenges of doing business in India are not always appreciated. India is not a homogeneous market, in the way that the United States is: the relationship between the central government and the states is complex, particularly in terms of the overall environment for business; differences between the states are even more important when it comes to doing business; the continuing role of the National Planning Commission highlights the complex nature of the public-private nexus in India, which can have a dramatic impact on shaping commercial opportunities; and finally the multi-layered structure of consumer demand (based on class, income, location and caste) can affect the value and pricing of products and services. Understanding multi-speed India is the key to commercial success.

India_Context is a service for technology-centric businesses created by AcceleratorIndia to address this challenge. It is aimed at senior executives in European businesses, typically CEOs, Strategy, Business Development, and Sales Directors. The objectives of India_Context are:

  • Provide data and insights on the size and structure of the accessible Indian market
  • Explain the nature and impact of customer demand side drivers, for both business and consumers
  • Explain supply-side drivers, including the eco-system, key players and the barriers to entry for new players
  • Identify and calibrate the most attractive opportunities
  • Provide considered actionable insights

India_Context consists of 3 elements:

  • India_Insight - a series of monthly publications organised into 4 ‘channels’, covering the following areas: Energy and Lighting; Healthcare and Bio-pharma; Advanced Engineering; and Telecoms, ICT and Media. India_Insight is delivered directly to senior executives by e-mail every month.
  • Catalyzt_India platform - available over the web for in-depth information and analysis, which also holds an historical archive, including previous articles and more detailed examination of technology-related issues, based on learnings in Europe and North America.
  • India_Private Briefings - personalised, quarterly, face-to-face briefings, tailored for top management in individual companies. Topics typically covered in the quarterly briefings include: Market size, structure and opportunities; Implications for Products, Pricing and Positioning; Commercial Options; and M&A activity in the Industry. The briefings allow senior management the opportunity for detailed questioning, discussion and creation of action plans.

India_Context is provided as an annual service on a subscription basis. Customers can choose to subscribe to one or more channels depending on their areas of interest.

If you are interested in signing up for the India_Context service, please contact us.

Last updated: 19 May 2014