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Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech

The Indian Healthcare, Bio-pharma and Devices market represents a major opportunity for UK companies, given its size, growth potential in terms of proportion of GDP, and simply the underlying healthcare needs of an increasingly prosperous population.

Within this market, major differences exist across the population in market access, ability and willingness to pay and mechanisms for payment.  The balance between private, public and insurance funding is not only different from developed geographies, but also varies significantly across the market segments.

There is some correlation between these segments and target constituencies in urban-metropolitan, urban-periphery, semi-urban and rural areas, but the profile of healthcare facilities, requirements, expectations and practices range from similarity (or even superiority) to those in developed geographies through to profiles that are radically different in terms of practice and, importantly, economics.  

The complex nature of the market in India requires a thorough understanding of the overall ecosystem and the value chain to develop the right go-to-market approach with realistic pricing and profitability expectations while achieving excellent healthcare outcomes.

In spite of the complexity, we see a number of opportunities such as:

  • Advanced Sensors
  • Affordable diagnostic and healthcare devices
  • Digital Healthcare systems and services
  • Personalised medicine and nutritional supplements and
  • Regenerative medicine

We have worked with a number of UK companies in this sector to build their business in India ranging from sensors, diagnostics and innovative low-cost devices to healthcare systems and regenerative medicine. Specifically, we have advised a world-class European medical publisher to understand the opportunities in India and develop a market entry strategy to prioritise its product and service roll-out.

Last updated: 19 Mar 2015