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Energy and Lighting

Energy is a key resource required to sustain India’s rapid growth in urban population and the development of its consumer economy. The Indian power sector annually generates 211 GW of power, with a market value of around $ 133 billion and serves a customer-base of 190 million that continues to grow.

However, India's drive towards self-sufficiency in electricity has been hindered by challenges both in generation such as capacity addition lagging demand growth and over-reliance on coal imports and in distribution where high losses of around $ 32 billion per annum are incurred due to an outdated grid and widespread tampering and pilferage.

The urgent need to and improve the distribution infrastructure and develop new generation capacity and to reduce coal and petroleum imports has resulted in the promotion of smart grid technologies and rapid diversification into renewables such as solar and wind power. 

There is an immediate need for solutions targeting businesses and consumers in the following areas:

  • Advanced solutions for managing distribution such as smart grids
  • Energy management solutions and services
  • Power quality improvement and monitoring 
  • Alternative sources of power including fuel cells
  • Storage solutions including areas such as inverters and
  • Technologies for renewable generation such as advanced windmill gearboxes

Lighting is another key area that is seeing a lot of action in India, around the adoption of LED lighting for the energy savings it provides.

AcceleratorIndia’s relationships in India include some of the largest players in the power sector selling to business and consumer segments. We are also building a thriving network of relationships with companies across the lighting value chain, focused around the growth of the LED market in India.

Last updated: 24 Mar 2014