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Our work is based on a deep understanding of European and Indian markets and eco-systems, an intimate knowledge of leading-edge and emerging technologies and an acute awareness of techno-commercial trade-offs. We work closely with our clients across the entire commercialization eco-system from idea to market.

We work for a wide range of clients including:

  • Governments, Public and Private Development Agencies, Academic Institutions, and Research Labs, where we help with designing and building new eco-systems as well as understanding the potential for exploiting new technologies and expertise
  • Small, Medium and Large Companies where the main thrust of the activity is on generating new products and revenues
  • Entrepreneurs and Research Labs focused on new IP creation and development and
  • Wide range of Investors including business Angels, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Banking and Innovative Funding sources such as Crowd-funding.

Some of our key customer relationships are summarised below:

Last updated: 20 Mar 2015