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Large Companies

Large Established companies with strong revenues in European and North American markets work with AcceleratorIndia to build their businesses in India and generate incremental revenues. Typically, these companies turn to AcceleratorIndia for strategic guidance on the relevance and positioning of their products and services, what changes they need to make to their business models and the best routes to market. 

AcceleratorIndia then works closely with senior management in these companies to help them to execute their plans, including creating the right dialogues with Indian partners, distributors and customers. AcceleratorIndia also provides advice and practical support to create the right local presence, including team-building, local design, manufacturing and support.

Case Study : Global Leader in Medical Publishing


Offer mobile health products and services based on 3G to Indian customers, comprising patients, carers and practitioners

Timeline: 2011 - 2012

AcceleratorIndia Value Add: Developed a mobile value chain and helped to identify key partners
Identified and helped establish dialogues with four of the top-5 Indian mobile telcos
Helped to discuss and negotiate partnership with a major hospital group and telco partner
Supported management team to identify and develop appropriate partnership structure


Client established partnership with a major hospital group with plans to rollout their mobile health products and services in mid-2012.

Last updated: 26 Feb 2014