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Dr. Shai Vyakarnam speaks at the UK-India Impact Symposium in New Delhi (30 November 2010)

Dr. Shai Vyakarnam, Director of AcceleratorIndia, will speak at the UK-India Impact Symposium in New Delhi. Held on December 7th, 8th and 9th, the symposium focuses on maximising the outcomes of UK-India collaborative research and is organised by the Research Councils UK Office in India (RCUK-I), the UK’s Science and Innovation Network (SIN), and the Department of Science and Technology (DST), India.

The focus of the UK-India Impact Symposium will be on:

  • Exploring the benefits, barriers, challenges and potential solutions to achieving maximum impact
  • Sharing best practice of maximising the outcomes of research between UK-India research and innovation projects
  • Looking at ways of identifying the commercial applications of research
  • Exploring other unique ways in which to collaborate on UK-India research initiatives and
  • Identifying and bringing together key influencers who can help break down barriers.

The symposium is targeted at a mix of UK and Indian audience comprising:

  • Collaborating researchers
  • Policy-makers
  • Private sector representatives
  • Innovators, venture capitalists and investors and 
  • Funders of research

Dr. Vyakarnam will be speaking in the plenary session on "Working in partnership: Interacting with the Private, Public and the Third Sectors in the context of UK-India collaborative research". The purpose of this session is to understand the experience and motivation of the non-academic partners and to reflect upon constraints that may arise and to identify what works and what does not work between non-academic/academic partners in the UK-India research context.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Vyakarnam said, ”I am delighted to take part in this symposium as it starts to bridge links between the research in UK and India, but with a deepening understanding of the commercialisation of science and technology, hopefully making the relationship sustainable and demonstrating that the relationship between the two countries has moved from a historical one to a future orientation”.

A short note about the symposium along with presentations and biographies is available on the RCUKwebsite here

Published on 30 November 2010

Last updated: 17 Jan 2011