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AcceleratorIndia, TSB, ESP KTN and EGS KTN launch RiffStream#Delhi (6 Jan 2013)

RiffStream#Delhi - “Creating Smart Power Solutions: Catalysing UK-India collaborations to address India’s energy challenge”is organised by the UK Energy Generation & Supply (EGS) KTN, the Electronics, Sensors & Photonics (ESP) KTN, the UK Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the UK Science & Innovation Network (SIN) and AcceleratorIndia on January 31st 2013 in New Delhi.

RiffStream#Delhi will be curated by Dr Uday Phadke (Executive Chairman, AcceleratorIndia) to explore new ways of facilitating collaboration across sectors and technologies, with the aim of generating new projects and partnerships as the basis for delivering innovation to address India's energy challenge and the opportunities that it presents.

RiffStream#Delhi will also address the shared strategic vision of both the UK and Indian Governments to create connections between smart power businesses across the two countries and also link to UK policy initiatives.

The workshop will use RiffStream#, a methodology developed by Dr Phadke to maximise the value of the networking and accelerate new business creation. The methodology is based upon a musical metaphor, to provide an interactive environment where players from different disciplines can interact to synthesize and test new ideas and relationships with other participants.

The event agenda includes presentations by UK and Indian companies and experts on the Smart Power ecosystem in India. Short, focused sessions will be used to explore the challenges in the power sector and focus on networking and business discussions to instigate commercial collaboration opportunities. The workshop will also feature short sharp pitches from UK and Indian ventures that are looking for partners and collaborators.

Our overall aim for the workshop is to generate new collaborations and projects as the basis for delivering innovation between the UK and India in the power sector.

Details of RiffStream#Delhi are available here.

Published on 06 January 2013

Last updated: 16 Jan 2013