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03-02-2014 - Article by AcceleratorIndia co-founder featured in Global Trader Magazine

Dr Shai Vyakarnam, co-founder and Director of AcceleratorIndia recently contributed a humorous but thoughtful article on building UK-India cross-border business relationships in the Global Trader Magazine. In this, he describes the scale and scope of the activities involved in UK India cross border business development as going beyond mere matchmaking or helping to make connections. 

Dr Vyakarnam also discusses some emerging initiatives such as the Bangalore Cambridge Innovation Network that aim to bring together the commercial, academic, R&D and investment communities in the two cities to collaborate on concrete initiatives. He then describes the opportunities that the Indian market offers and how UK companies can succeed in building new businesses, revenue streams and new capabilities.

The complete article can be accessed from here.

Published on 04 February 2014

Last updated: 30 Apr 2014