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01 May 2014 - AcceleratorIndia launches new service for technology-centric businesses

May 1st 2014

Cambridge/London: AcceleratorIndia announces India_Context, a new service for technology-centric businesses, aimed at senior executives typically CEOs, Strategy, Business Development, and Sales Directors, to address the challenge of understanding "multi-speed India", in terms of the overall business environment for business, differences between states and the multi-layered structure of consumer demand.

India_Context offers actionable insights on the size and structure of the Indian market and personalised briefings to senior management to identify and calibrate the most attractive opportunities. 

India_Context has 3 components: India_Insight a series of monthly publications covering 4 key areas; access to Catalyzt_India, an online platform for deeper insights ; and India_Private Briefings, quarterly face-to-face briefings for senior management, tailored for individual companies. 

India_Context is a comprehensive resource for companies serious about doing business in India. Available privately to clients of AcceleratorIndia from April 2014, India_Context is now being formally launched to the wider European tech-centric business community. India_Context is offered as an annual service on a subscription basis, with option to subscribe to one or more channels depending on customers' areas of interest.

Dr Uday Phadke, Executive Chairman of AcceleratorIndia said “European companies wanting to do business in India need a structured framework in which to understand the issues and to make strategic business decisions. The objective of the India_Context service is to set the context and enable better decisions”.

More details, including how to subscribe to India_Context are available here.

Published on 30 April 2014

Last updated: 20 Mar 2015